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Fats Shark 5.eight GHZ FPV Goggles to GoPro Hero 2 Setup

Written by nocomp on décembre 24th, 2013. Posted in fpv video

Right here is my setup for the wi-fi Fats Shark 5.eight GHZ FPV Goggle from Hobbyking streaming reside video from a GoPro Hero 2. With this setup I’m additionally ready to get…
Video Score: four / 5

 Fats Shark 5.eight GHZ FPV Goggles to GoPro Hero 2 Setup


Sharing FPV experiences on my blog, regarding planes, electronic, tricks and more.
Living in the french alps, fpv addicted pilot, member of the AIRGONAY dream team. I like long range flights with my friends

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Sharing FPV experiences on my blog, regarding planes, electronic, tricks and more. Living in the french alps, fpv addicted pilot, member of the AIRGONAY dream team. I like long range flights with my friends

Comments (25)

  • hawcio Hawranek
    24 décembre 2013 at 19 h 01 min |

    how to connect astak cam to fatshark ? dou you know ? please help pe

  • frolfware
    24 décembre 2013 at 19 h 37 min |

    Check out the last couple paragraphs of the « about » tab to read the
    description of what I have done with this system so far. If you have more
    questions, shoot me a message.

  • andrewvanhecke
    24 décembre 2013 at 19 h 43 min |

    What is the range on this system ?

  • frolfware
    24 décembre 2013 at 20 h 12 min |

    Yes it does. When the camera is upside down and in « upside down mode », you
    will see everything right side up in the live feed.

  • jazzman251
    24 décembre 2013 at 20 h 12 min |

    If you use the ‘upside down mode’, does the live feed also flip? Thank you!

  • frolfware
    24 décembre 2013 at 21 h 10 min |

    I was having large problems with the stock antennas and 25 mW transmitter
    – they were only giving me reliable distortion-free video up to 75-100
    feet or so. I recently upgraded to a 600 mW transmitter with the
    ImmersionRC/Fatshark circular polarized antennas — amazing difference! I
    only fly line of sight & the furthest I have been out is about 350 yards,
    but the image quality is spot on & I haven’t had a dropout yet. If you are
    doing the upgrade,be 100% sure with rules and regs in your area.

  • MrF1fanatic
    24 décembre 2013 at 22 h 08 min |

    I’m using the same tx to send signal to the goggles from my Ground Station.
    1) For the ground wire, does that connect to the ground out of the video
    feed or can it just be bolted to the chassis of the Video Rx? 2) Manual
    says the goggles can use 2s/3s power. Can you tell me if the barrel of the
    plug is positive or the center? I was just going to use an existing 2650mah
    3s pack I had.

  • Ronnie Bennett
    24 décembre 2013 at 22 h 39 min |

    Great video, good info, I subscribed. Thank you.

  • frolfware
    24 décembre 2013 at 23 h 23 min |

    It is a Gaui 500X. Decent quad, but the flight controller is a piece of
    garbage. Put a DJI Naza-M on it and the performance became much better.

  • wparsons
    24 décembre 2013 at 23 h 50 min |

    I believe the reason you’re only getting audio in one ear is because you
    aren’t using the red wire from the gopro to the transmitter. It should use
    both red and white wire to get full audio.

  • Ec130Rhine
    25 décembre 2013 at 0 h 49 min |

    I have the v2 fatshark if I use the gopro3 will it show a better video in
    the google better then the camera it came with? What the different an using
    both with the fatshark google!

  • Drizzt
    25 décembre 2013 at 0 h 55 min |

    I have a Hero2 as well but the menu is different with Hero 1, it doesnt
    have that Live feed on/off on it

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 1 h 32 min |

    As far as I know, using a better resolution camera will not result in a
    better resolution in the goggle, unless the original camera has a lower
    resolution than the Fatshark capabilities. Fatsharks are 640×480 resolution
    for video output, so using a camera with better resolution than that will
    not matter. It’s like plugging an HDMI cable into an SD tube TV – you can
    only get it to look so good & it won’t be HD. You will still only get the
    native resolution value at the most.

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 1 h 55 min |

    The option in the menu setup is « LFO » — Live Feed On. You can find out how
    to turn on the live feed with a composite cable at the new link posted in
    the description. Search for « live video » in the PDF and you should be good
    to go.

  • tokaholic20
    25 décembre 2013 at 2 h 06 min |

    what is the range on this nice set up?

  • Jason Kuperman
    25 décembre 2013 at 2 h 18 min |

    Doesn’t the fatshark come with a camera already connected…is it as simple
    as removing it and using the readymaderc cable to connect to the gopro

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 2 h 32 min |

    I didn’t have much time at the end of this summer to really test out the
    range. I realized my stupidity with quad and FPV setups has come to the
    surface. I purchased a cloverleaf antenna trying to get more range, but it
    still was cutting out. Turns out the carbon frame is a HUGE signal blocker,
    so whenever I turned (anywhere past ~100 feet), the signal would cut out. I
    now have the transmitter antenna straight down, causing much less
    interference and have flown to about 700 ft. with no problems.

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 3 h 00 min |

    As of right now, I cannot confirm any range questions. I have flown my quad
    a few times in PPV, but never at a large distance – only for practice at
    the moment. Once I find this out, I will post it. Hobbyking & Fat Shark
    post their distance out of the box to be 350-500 meters, but from what I
    have read on forums and other websites, 300 meters is about the operable
    distance with the standard configuration before it starts getting tough to
    see. I think a cloverleaf is needed for more distance.

  • erion jaho
    25 décembre 2013 at 3 h 47 min |

    This is very helpful for beginners like me, What is the range, I mean how
    long can you fly without losing signal, Thank you!

  • filmaciones yeventos
    25 décembre 2013 at 3 h 51 min |

    Frolfware Thanks for you time I Write from Buenos Aires, my question is,
    with a gopro, you have more vision, or is the same with the sony fat shark?
    more amplitude of vision ?

  • Coptergeist
    25 décembre 2013 at 4 h 44 min |

    Is someone able to tell me how to enable live video feed on the hero2, does
    it work automatically when you plug in composite cable, because I can’t
    find the option in the menu? cheers

  • Josue Juarez Ruiz
    25 décembre 2013 at 4 h 51 min |

    Are you booze or something?

  • teampullmyfinger
    25 décembre 2013 at 5 h 35 min |

    nevermind this time it worked! woo hoo!

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 6 h 01 min |

    There are versions that come with a lower resolution FPV camera, but I did
    not buy that version. I bought the goggles only and this was the cord that
    came with it. If you have the GoPro and the FatSharks, all you need is the
    readymaderc cable and you are good to go. I would think that would be the
    case regardless of the setup.

  • frolfware
    25 décembre 2013 at 6 h 41 min |

    Thank you for the heads up. I will try to connect them and will edit the
    video and description accordingly. I am definitely new to all of this, so
    learning along the way. Thanks.

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